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Respirator DONALD FFP2 NR D

Product code: DONALD FFP2 NR D

The respirator DONALD FFP2 NR D BLUE is designed to protect respiratory system against harmful effect of dust, solid and liquid aerosols when OEL is ≥0,05 mg/m 3 and the concentration of dispersed phase of aerosol does not exceed, 10 x OEL (Occupational Exposure Limit), 10 = APF (Assigned Protection Factor), 12 = NPF (Nominal Protection Factor).

Medium toxic solids, asbestos, copper, barium, titanium, vanadium, chromium, manganese, hardwood, coal dust with free silica content higher than 10%, mining industry, chemical industry, metallurgic industry, welding, soldering, respirable dusts

The filtering half mask is composed mostly of the face part made of filtering material and accessories such as headbands, or exhalation valve, depending on the model. When air is drawn in, it passes through the filtration material where it is cleansed before being inhaled. Exhaled air passes through filtration material (in the masks without a valve) or through both the exhalation valve and the filtration material (in models with a valve). The cup of the mask should be well adjusted to the user’s face.
Declaration of Conformity - DONALD FFP2 NR D Declaration of Conformity Download
Data sheet - DONALD FFP2 NR D Data sheet Download
Instruction - Donald FFP2NRD Instruction Download

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